Leah & John, The Hamilton Art Gallery

Leah and John were married at the always fabulous ‘Hamilton Art Gallery’ (AGH) in mid October. The ladies got ready the morning of the wedding across the street at the Sheridan Hotel in their gorgeous penthouse suite (which I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an enormous suite with loads of natural light and style galore!) Seeing how the ceremony was just across the street, we were able to sneak in a ‘first look’ between the happy couple just a few minutes before the ceremony started. These are always some of my favourite moments to capture throughout the day. Leah and John were able to have a few quiet moments alone before they exchanged vows surrounded by all of their family and friends.

After the ceremony we headed to a nearby industrial factory for photos with the wedding party. All the credit goes to John for scouting out this location and arranging our access. I had the opportunity to check out this location with Leah and John prior to the wedding day, so we had a handful of favourite spots mapped out for the photos. I met John at the factory the day before the wedding to set up string lights and over a hundred votive candles in a section of the warehouse to add a little extra ambience for the photos…I think the end result is mucho romantic!

After our photo session we headed back to the Art Gallery to celebrate the night away in style. All in all it was a pretty awesome day 🙂

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