Crystal and Sophia’s Mommy Daughter Beach Session, Fifty Point Beach

Last week I got to hang out on the beach with these two lovelies. I was really excited for this mommy/daughter session at Fifty Point Beach, not only because I was in good company, but also because I whipped together this teepee tent and set (thank you pinterest!) in less than a week. Brad from Hand Tied Floral, came through with these amazing floral crowns and flower arrangements. The weather turned out to be perfect and Crystal and Sophia were beyond adorable!  It all came together perfectly! I’m looking forward to offering this same setup and location for mini beach family sessions in the next few weeks. Check out my facebook page or message me for more details 🙂 CS_BLOG_1 CS_BLOG_5 CS_BLOG_6 CS_BLOG_8 CS_BLOG_3 CS_BLOG_2 CS_BLOG_92 CS_BLOG_93 CS_BLOG_94 CS_BLOG_95 CS_BLOG_96 CS_BLOG_97 CS_BLOG_98 CS_BLOG_99 CS_BLOG_992 CS_BLOG_993 CS_BLOG_994 CS_BLOG_995 CS_BLOG_996 CS_BLOG_997 CS_BLOG_998 CS_BLOG_9992 CS_BLOG_9993 CS_BLOG_9994 CS_BLOG_9995 CS_BLOG_9996 CS_BLOG_9997 CS_BLOG_9998 CS_BLOG_9999 CS_BLOG_99991 CS_BLOG_99992 CS_BLOG_99993 CS_BLOG_99994 CS_BLOG_99995 CS_BLOG_99996 CS_BLOG_99997 CS_BLOG_99998