Shannon & Miroslav, St. Naum Macedonian Church and Hall

Wow! Talk about a family that knows how to celebrate! Shannon and Slav’s wedding was one full of excitement! I started out in the early morning at Slav’s parent house to photograph the pre-wedding festivities. The backyard was decorated with red, blue, and white to incorporate Slav’s Serbian heritage. You would have never guessed it was morning because the music was pumping and the drinks were flowing at this backyard dance party.

Next,  I was on my way to check in on the ladies at Shannon’s parent place. This party was a little more tame but equally exciting as the anticipation for the ceremony grew. The ceremony was at St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church, which FYI is an absolutely gorgeous church! Even better, was the ceremony itself. This was my first time photographing a traditional Serbian wedding ceremony and I learned that Serbian weddings have many unique traditions that are quite beautiful and very interesting to witness.

After the ceremony we headed over to Battlefield Park in Stoney Creek for some family and wedding party photos, which was a blast! The last stop was at St. Naum Macedonia Church and Hall for the reception….where I’m willing to bet that the party carried on until the wee hours of the night. Happy Anniversary Shannon and Slav 🙂