Jacqui and Kyle are Married! Winona Vine Estates

In July I had the opportunity to document Jacqui and Kyle’s beautiful wedding. These two are such a fun couple and were really psyched about getting some creative, edgy looking images during our formal photo session. I started out with the guys to capture all of the morning preparations and then headed to Jacqui’s mom’s place to catch up with the ladies preparations. Kyle and the boys met up with us there and I was able to capture the moment when the two love birds saw each other for the first time…I had to fight back the tears!¬†From there we headed down to Hess village with the entire wedding party for our formal photo session. Kyle and Jacqui had a couple contacts and we were hooked up with access into the Rock Bar in Hess for some edgy goodness! We ended up at Winona Estates for a gorgeous outdoor ceremony followed by a pretty happening reception. All in all, it was a fabulous day! Kyle and Jacqui thanks for sharing your day with me and Congratulations!!