Diane + Jay, The Scottish Rite, October 2011

Diane and Jay are the most hilariously funny couple you could ever meet. I think with most couples there is usually one person that is funnier or has a more playful sense of humor than the other, but in Diane and Jay’s case they both had me in stitches the entire day. I had such a great time photographing this pair at the Scottish Rite in October that my checks hurt by the end of the day from laughing so hard. Diane has a very large Scottish family so it was interesting to see all of the Scottish wedding traditions and the many many kilts! Diane is even in a 15 member piping band called ‘Dundas Pipes and Drums’ and had arranged to have them play during the ceremony. The ceremony was also at night after dinner which was also a really neat idea. They really wanted to give their guests the experience of going to diner and a show and that is exactly what it felt like. Great job Diane and Jay! Congratulations again!